I'm not usually a huge one for lots of bare legs, especially with tighty things... unless it's summer. But here I am for Pippa's 18th looking shiny, tighty, lacey etc.

Under Top: H&M
Lace Top: New Look
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: New Look

I've been quite ill the last 3 days - every day spent in bed, joy...
I've been trying to get some things done. And am vaguely succeeding.
Look out for Ashley Isham, Work Experience, Boutique Suggestion, Competition and More...



Pippa Artus said...

If there was a 'like' button on here like on facebook then I would press it :)
SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SAD that you're ill. Dont tell anyone but you're the main person I wanted there :( My mummy and I are really going to miss you :(

Love you always Twinkbum xox

Alex Dom said...

cute skirt!

fadetoblack said...

awesome picture!!

Platform Princess said...

You look amazing. Great outfit; love the skirt. Isn't Pippa gorgeous too.