Australian Day Bloggers Party, Sponsored By Aussie...

On Tuesday evening I went to London to attend the Aussie Bloggers Event for Australia Day, which I was kindly invited to by Hannah of
It was a lovely evening taking place at The Rainforest Cafe - which was a fabulous venue! It literally looked like a forest, with moving animals and sound effects. The party took place on the bottom floor that had been hired out for the event. On arrival we were given delicious cocktails, and through the night there was Australian-style 'BBQ' food, as well as Australian sweets.
The event had some special things lined up throughout the evening, such as a nail technician, a catwalk show for bloggers to take part in - of course I did!, and the most amazing polaroid cameras I've ever seen that must have cost SO MUCH...but we used a lot of the film!
People won prizes for all sorts of things - and I got a big bottle of Aussie Hair Product that I got to pick for taking part in the catwalk.
I met some fabulous bloggers such as Kavita (, Ling ( - beauty blogger!), Lucy (, Carrie ( and of course Hannah!
We also got to take away some fabulous goody bags...enjoy the photos!...

Goody Bag Contents, my Aussie prize & My Polaroids. We also got a French Manicure Kit by Maxfactor which I gave to a friend who was having a bad day! :)
I'll let you know how the products work out...!


Kavita with her prize for best outfit - she made one for the catwalk which was silver
Rainforest Cafe
Aussie Products
Me & Some of the Girls


CLM said...

thank you for the comment. i agree, i.d. has complete originality.
the night looked like a lot of fun, jealous !
xoxo - clm

Bekkie said...

wow that looks amazing! so jealous!


brooke said...

haha this is so cute, although the flag is upside down... hehe. how weird, we don't even have that "aussie" product in australia, I've only ever seen it in ads in overseas magazines! weird haha. glad you had a fun day xx

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

just wanted to tell you that they have sent me an e-mail! im still deciding what i want to choose!

thanks so much!


MOLLYKT said...

aw this looks like so much fun!
it's amazing what you can attend through blogs these days...
NO WAY, YOU'RE GOING TO LFW?! how DID you manage that?!
and yes, i'm thinking this weekend if you're free?

Barbara Frankie said...

haha the rainforest cafe reminds me of birthday parties from when i was a tot!
looks like you had a lovely evening

Coco said...

Cute! I love Australia Day because it means one thing...Triple J's Hottest 100!!!

Emm said...

Hey Milly,

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! So great to have a UK follower, i'd like to live there for a little while someday.

That party sounds great! Wish i had gone. AND wish i had your job =)!

(p.s- i have never seen those 'aussie products' before haha)

I always love to respond to followers comments so make sure to visit me again and again =)