£49 to spare...?

...on something that most likely won't even last a week. Oh who am I kidding - if I could, I most likely would. What am I talking about? 'Chanel's Non-Permanent Skin Art'! Featured at their Spring/Summer 2010 show, the designs are absolutely exquisite. So much detail. And for one like myself who isn't into permanent tattoos - I can't help but love these transfers! At £49 for a pack of 5 sheets, I don't think I'll be buying them... although 5 sheets = 55 designs.
[MUST keep telling myself NO NO NO].
But er...anyone got a washable body pen? Maybe I'll have a go... ;)

& The Chanel Logo

They'll be exclusively at Chanel boutiques from March 12th, & the waiting list is now open!
Will you be on it?

[Other designers who rocked the transfer tattoo look included Rodarte - tribal & Jean Paul Gaultier - 'Gaultier' down the arm]

Photo credits: www.nitrolicious.com


frances said...

£24.50 each, let's go halves... because 55 tattoos on one body would just look silly, right? (but er, 22 wouldn't. at all.)

maybe we should aim for the Rodarte ones and just buy ourselves some marker pens. x

brooke said...

wow, these are amazing... thanks so much for posting, I'm very envious of anyone who can afford these! xx

fadetoblack said...

i so one this!!!!

Beau said...

I am ridiculously tempted!


MOLLYKT said...

i love the garter one- gorgeous!
also, in regards to your comment, at least with two jobs you'll be able to shop till you drop at the end of it!
hope you're good lovely

Ling Su said...

I love the designs, expecially knowing the fact its Non-Permanent, is a bonus.


Platform Princess said...

Hmmm, why do I feel like I'll be buying these?

£50 for transfers... sometimes I hate fashion for it's ability to turn you into a ridiculous human being.

I'll go thirds with you and Frances ;-)

Great post!

PP x

Nishant said...

the skirt is beautiful, the colour is so lovely

lingerie video

Rebecca said...

i would cover my whole body....if only


Emma ... said...

thanks for the comment!
i love these! may have to invest in some!
have a great day!
emma x


SugarCube said...

I so know what you mean!Thanks for the comment.
I like those tattoos and would love to get my hands on them.