Getting The Swing of This Outfit Thing...

...So I'm trying to make a real effort with my blog as I already write for magazines but like having my own outlet too. Plus I love reading all your lovely comments and talking to other bloggers!
So here we go - posting more. And here's an outfit post - lots more of these in the future!

So after my beautiful friend Caroline bought me this skirt for my birthday I couldn't not wear it! I love the colour so much, and get's from a vintage shop in London and it's made from a RECYCLED jumper! (for those of you who don't know, I love stuff like this...!)
My jacket is one of my favourite pieces too - it came from a boutique called 'Dahlia' which was at Clothes Show Live London 2009.
Finally my shoes were bought for me by my lovely boyfriend - New Look.
& the black leggings and strap top are both H&M basics.

I wore this to college yesterday, and the photos are taken in my textiles space ;)

P.s - Watch Material Girl - it's a little cringe but I love it anyway.
BBC1, Thursdays, 8pm.


CLM said...

love this ! the skirt is beautiful, the colour is so lovely !
and I have those shoesss :) surprisingly comfortable.
xoxo - clm

CLM said...

thanks ! :)
xoxo - clm

Pippa Artus said...

Love the skirt :)
Gorgeous colour!!! :)
I get to see you soon!!! <3

Nishant said...

love the designs, expecially knowing the fact its Non-Permanent, is a bonus

lingerie video

brooke said...

such a cute skirt and so cool that it's recycled. posting outfits is good, keep it up!


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

ooooh cute outfit, love the skirt!

♥ Hannah



Polished Sense said...

Love the pop of fucshia pink. The skirt is so cute with all that black!

Happy Friday :D


Beau said...

LOVE this outfit it was even cuter in person!!
and I'm gonna be having that skirt :)


Platform Princess said...

Can't believe I didn't see this post earlier... you look GORGEOUS!

More outfit posts Milly!


Holly Sims said...

Love the skirt, I've got one quite similar in black and white stripes, but not as cool as being made from a recycled jumper. I went to a very cool stall in camden the other day which you'd love, we MUST go!