Supernice: Wall Graphics

We all get to that point where we want a bit of a bedroom makeover; our tastes are ever changing. So when I came across this sweet designs from I had to share them. They sell a variety of wall graphics, stickers and so on. The variety they have is absolutely divine and there seems to be something for everyone: my examples ranging from adult dining room to children's playroom. Some of them can end up a bit pricey but when they look this good and they're going to be a permanent fixture for quite some time, who cares? They can completely transform any room and give it a modern, or vintage edge. It'll definitely be a talking point for any visitors you have round.

Here are some of my f

'Ambition Killed The Cat' £46.00

'Sakura' £55.00

'Stone Jungle' £65.00

'Frida's Garden' £70.00

'Wee Gallery Garden' £30.00

'Wee Gallery Giraffe' £28.00

And so many more, I have about another six I'd love to add.
Perfect for a house re-haul.
What do you think?? Which are your favourites??
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bridechic said...

Great inspirations! Thanks for sharing

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

ooh those are so darling and seem perfect for any future dorm rooms!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

these are so cool!! i love graphics (in fact, almost did a graphics degree instead of maths! did i make the right choice? haha)

ps, the skirt's from Newlook :)


Lynne said...

I love Supernice - it's on a great street too - I love Columbia Road Market.

pixelhazard said...

Oh my goodness I just took photos of my wall decals. Don't you love them? I'm a total convert, if only I didn't live under the more conservative roof of my parents

JOHANN MOISÉS - Maringá-PR-Brazil said...

Pretty cool ^^

a+design said...

I created the art stone jungle, thanks for the reference in choosing my art. I have other designs on my blog:

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