My Key Summer Item: Competition

My key summer item will be my new Grecian style dress from H&M; strapless and pale green in colour with a white swirling design around the neck. It is fairly short, best worn with leggings until the sun starts to shine I think! At fifteen pounds, it was an absolute bargain, something we all need in this current economic climate! It was a spontaneous buy, heading out to buy a party dress I saw it hanging on the rail, the last one and in my size; what are the chances?

I have recently been teaming it with black leggings, waist belt, blazer and boots to keep me nice and warm but still looking fashionable. As a textiles student who is interested in taking fashion journalism on as a career, I had to make sure it fit in with current trends. Lucky for me the gladiator sandal has once again ticked the box for key pieces, matching perfectly with my overall Roman / Greek outfit theme for summer.

I am just itching to get my hands on some of River Island’s ‘stud gladiator sandal,’ a perfect summer staple at just £34.99, could they be any more enticing? As, the online home of Vogue, so nicely points out one key trend is, ‘Goddess Worship,’ as ‘Grecian draping made waves on the runways. In addition, this month’s Company magazine includes a page dedicated to gladiator sandals, suggesting my beautiful, simplistic Grecian dress is bang on trend.

It would appear I am a little ahead of the fashion curve, having bought the dress just before the Spring/Summer Report came out, what a confidence boost! I like that my dress represents my own style take on the Grecian based ‘Goddess dress’ trend, usually known to be floor length, my dress is quite the opposite. It had to be suitable for my holiday in Turkey where the weather will be very hot, so I have gone for a floaty, summer dress feel, rather than the typical long, formal style.

I cannot wait to walk around in the summer sun with it on, teamed with nothing but sunglasses, gladiator sandals and perhaps a long cardigan in case it’s breezy, (although the length may insist upon the dress being teamed with some denim shorts!).

What's everyone else's summer staples?!


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pink-silk said...

I love that dress!! you little beauty ;) love you xxxxxxx