Having the best time, despite exams...

As promised at 8.30am this morning I rushed myself down to the H&M to grab a piece of the action at the Matthew Williamson for H&M opening. Lucky for me there wasn't a queue, and I got chatting to a very nice lady about the collection, what we wanted and our surprise at the lack of people whilst we waited for the store to open. As we got closer to 9am more people began to arrive, ignoring the fact we were the first there...the lady and myself discussed how we were determined to get in first. We also spoke to a great staff member at H&M: bloke and really chatty. Finally the doors opened, luckily our side first and we rushed in. I got just the top I'd been wishing for and picked up the same one for my sister at uni and one in green for my friend Caroline (www.pink-silk.blogspot.com, she is divineee). Even though it's a size 'small' it's still quite big so I bought a black strap top to wear underneath and I will be teaming it with leggings :)

Straight afterwards I headed to the store where I'm hoping to work...full of beautiful vintage and designer dresses, perfumes, frilly knickers and jewellary (aka heaven). I spotted a blue 1950s shift dress that I'm desperate to have for my boyfriend's Summer Ball at uni on June 20th, ahh!
She said she'd had quite a few applicants but we got chatting about everything I've been doing fashion-wise (including a fashion show with some of her collection in it!) and by the end she simply said 'well I'll look at your CV, give you a call, and set up a trial day with you'... OH YES! Looks like I've overtaken those other applicants...fingers crossed! It's from September on Sundays which is perfect as I can see the boyf at uni Friday-Sat/Sunday and I'm mega busy all summer. But then she's given me some time in May Week to do too and maybe a little bit in summer when I'm free. So very excited, I shall keep you updated... there's also some great events the shop puts on, including 'champagne shopping night' on Wednesdays: shop whilst having champagne, what more could you ask for?

Caro and myself have also finally got the themes for the fashion show we're designing and modelling for! So we've headed out to get some clothes with our coupons. We buy clothes from charity shops, rework them at home and at design days with a designer, and then after the show they'll hopefully be sold again! The money goes to the charities and we show people that charity shop stuff cannn be fashionable. There's also going to be a raffle: just found out a dress from a collection at LFW will be for auction, a top fashion label item and designer accessories, live bands, refreshments and prizes for the best outfits, including a week's work experience at a fashion company! It's at The Junction on July 7th and tickets are just £5! Pick them up from the Oxfams and British Heart Foundations stores round town or contact me! xxx


michelle said...

adorable photos! :)

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

cute tunic/vest!! love the print :)

Charlotteee. said...

Hey :)
wow, your life sounds so much more interesting than my own! that job sounds excellent :) tres jealous!

yeh i'm going on the thursday, hopefully it's going to help me with my uni decision :) education day here i come!

i'm doing AS levels also, i'm assuming we did the same exam then?
how did you find it?

interesting blog :) lots to read xx

Charlotteee. said...

oh btw, i think it was march's issue of Dazed and Confused... this year i'm assuming :)

Charlotteee. said...

ah cool, i had an unseen extract from Jarhead and we did Maya Angelou for the poetry section... serious lack of inspiration.
how lucky! i didn't do my mock lol, i was away that day....

yeh, i'm looking forward to it. i'm going to see the gala fashion show as well which should be interesting :)

Mode Junkie said...

love that top. i agree the s is so big. ;)
but it looks so good you!
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