Best of the Fashion Blogosphere...Audrey Rogers of ‘Be Frassy’!

{An Article written for my College Newspaper, which I'm now co-editor of! :))

This beautiful bohemian girl originates from America but has lived in Europe for most of her life, mainly Spain, where her family are now whilst she studies at Durham University, England. Hoping to take on fashion journalism at Central St. Martins or London College of Fashion once she has completed her English degree, Audrey hopes to write for a magazine for a few years before starting one of her own – a dream that she has had since she was just twelve-years-old! With her incredibly well-written blog and unique fashion style it’ll be interesting to see where she gets to in the next few years; she’s one to watch for sure. As well as her blog, she is also the ‘style editor’ of Durham’s University Paper –‘The Sanctuary,’ working her way up the fashion career ladder and getting as much experience as she can.

Lucky enough to be invited to London Fashion Week, using journalism work she has built up over the years as credentials and applying to the British Fashion Council, Audrey gave me her point of view of the prestigious event...
‘It was an amazing experience, an absolute dream- William Tempest or Betty Jackson were probably my favourite shows, while seeing Lilly Cole close up was a defining moment: I loveee that girl! Fashion Week was probably one of the best times of my life and definitely re-affirmed my goals to work in fashion.’

Audrey definitely sounds like a very busy lady, and determined to get her dream she has applied to ‘Glamour’ magazine for an internship, managing to acquire an interview which she attended in December, fingers crossed she gets it! She is hoping for some work experience with a t-shirt designer, after setting up Frassy Rags,’ which sells edgy, fashion conscious t-shirts, as well as doing some courses at the next London Fashion Week...busy doesn’t even cover it. The work and effort Audrey has been putting into her dream (whilst doing her degree too!) is incredibly inspiring to young women, showing you that if you really are determined you can achieve anything.

For the final part of my research into the intriguing Miss. Rogers I asked her about her own personal style, here’s what she said:
‘I am very much a London girl when it comes to British Fashion. I love Sienna, Agyness and I adore ‘outrageous’. In a sea of Abercrombie and Jack Wills, I stand out a lot- people don't like difference so I have to continually deal with strange looks and the occasional sharp comment. But hey, fashion is truly what I love and I refuse to let what other people think interfere with my passions.’

As I said before, Audrey is truly inspiring, she is a real-life example that peer pressure can be ignored and the most important thing is that you like what you wear, she has achieved so much by being herself and ignoring those ‘strange looks’ - A girl after my own heart.

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Cathy said...

very well written.
I love frassy too.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love her edgy style!!

Audrey Leighton said...

awww im blushing!
cannot wait to see the print copy!!!