Travel Essentials

This year has seen me move myself from England to San Francisco for a year. In this time I'll also be hopping around the West Coast and, although I had to pack for a year, I thought I'd share a few of my travel essentials with you... before I share my actual travels.

Lipbalm: I've been using PawPaw for over two years now ever since my Australian flat mate introduced us... I use it religiously on dry lips, but its also great on chapped skin and cuts etc.
Neutral Nail Colour: This is a new purchase and a great colour. It's good to have a shade that will go with almost anything when packing light.
Mini Hand cream: Crabtree and Evelyn is not too greasy, and this one smells delicious!

Moleskine planner - trying to organise interning, school, socialising and travelling can be tricky. This makes sure that (in the main) I don't forget anything.
Journal - I would never be able to keep up with a daily diary, but I love to fill this little book with photos, tickets, notes and so forth from my travels.

Book - I'm currently reading Patti Smith's Just Kids. I highly recommend you read it too. 
Travel guide - before I settled into the city this book was super helpful. A lovely little gift from my sister, Rough Guides provide some of the best travel books in my opinion.

Smartphone - while I am in love with my DSLR sometimes I just need a quick snapshot or something lighter. The camera on this little one is brilliant, and it has all the apps I could ever need without costing so much $$.

I've already visited Southern California once - and I'll shortly be sharing my adventures with you. Next up is the Christmas holidays where I'll be revisiting SoCal, heading to LA, and plans are in the works to head North to Portland and Seattle.

What are your travel essentials? Or if you've been to these places any hotspots I should visit?


kirstyb said...

i demand more updates and pics of your travels missy xxx

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Such good choices! I take pawpaw ointment everywhere!

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Katy @ Girl in the North said...

So glad you're having a good time and make sure you update more! I love hearing all about these travels x