Treasure Island

So the other weekend the girls and I went to a music festival, on an island, Treasure Island to be exact.
The name reminds me of all things childish and particularly Disney. 

The island actually hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including the Treasure Island Flea Market the last weekend of every month (more on that later I'm sure).

Setting off we got on the free shuttle bus - read limo style leather sofa bus - got off on the picturesque little island with stunning views of the bay and the city, and enjoyed our day. 

Favourites included The XX (with bits of their new album), Los Campesinos, M83 and Youth Lagoon.
We enjoyed the festival food, including the best Red Velvet Cupcake I've ever had (Sorry Hummingbird...), checked out some stalls, and lazed about in the sun. 

Palms, Balloons & San Francisco Skyline in the Background
Bridge Stage
Tunnel Stage & Los Campesinos
Infamous Ferris Wheel

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