Lets Go, San Francisco

So, I finished my second internship at a PR company in London, which may well have been the best internship I have done to date. I've been invited back and definitely plan to next summer. 

 In the meantime I've popped across the Atlantic to live here...for a year. (For those who aren't aware the photo is the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco). My time here has already been amazing, attending regular free festivals and street fairs - the street food fair may well have been one of the best (more on that later). My classes are really interesting, I've made a lovely group of American friends, and the city's incredible. I'm off to the OC/LA/San Diego for thanksgiving too, having kindly been invited in the first few weeks here, so there'll be plenty of news from that trip. And am looking into where to go at Christmas. 

Food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, some exciting news... and more photos coming super soon! 

 much love x

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Ellie said...

This is so exciting! I'm very jealous! x