Ducklings and Apologies.

Firstly: I apologise for the fact that I haven't written in about a month. I do have many wonderful new outfits that I should really be posting on here, and I promise to get round to it soon. I went away for two weeks at Easter and then had to work solidly before and afterwards so that my parents would even let me go. Exams are fast approaching: one in two weeks, ahh! And various coursework deadlines are looming. One week was spent on camp meeting lots of people, having a laugh, teambuilding, rockclimbing, shooting, raft building and so on. The second week was spent with the boyfriend and his family in the most beautiful little cottage in Dorset. We visited Bournemouth which I am now in love with (mini golf, shopping, picnic in the park, live music, beach, hot air balloon thing), the weather was luckily really hot: heavy rain had been predicted! We also went to another beach, had long walks, went to THE BEST curry place I've ever been (why does it have to be so far away from me now?!), went to an animal park & beautiful gardens, where there were the cutest orphan lambs to feed, and went zorbing which is INSANE... if you have the chance, do it!

On another note the boyfriend's family has just got four ducklings and six chicks. Ducklings are named by boyfriend, his two brothers and ME :) There's two yellow ones (turning out white) and two brown ones (turning out apricot coloured), and there's a boy and girl of each. The chicks are like cotton wool balls on fluffy and cute, and incredibly curious: taking photos of them they all try to shove each other out of the way to peer at the camera! Mike's parents named the chicks and I got the honour of one named after me, 'Milly,' she's tiny and very sweet / kind apparently.

Below is the only photo I have on this computer, but I'll post some more shortly.

It's of George, on the left (the boy apricot one which is Mike's), and AUDREY is on the right. She's mine and is of course named after Audrey Hepburn, an idol of mine thanks to her role in Breakfast at Tiffanys: one of my favourite films ever, if not my favourite.

George & Audrey

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