Marios Schwab at Topshop!

If you haven't noted the designer collections at Topshop, you're obviously not as uptodate as you like to make out. This new capsule collections from Marios Schwab and Richard Nicoll are absolutely gorgeous, individual designs bringing catwalk fashion to the high-street, what more could those desperate for some designer style ask for? Topshop has always been very savvy in mixing comfortable wear with a 'more than high-street' fashion look - whether it be a simple strap top or some extravagant lace detailing on a dress...Topshop seems to always be able to 'bring it,' whatever 'it' is that season.
So when I saw these cute capsule collections I had to push it out there into the blogosphere. Although I'm sure alot of you have been browsing since the pages went up on the online shop, using up all your nicely saved money to buy some key pieces.

Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab's pieces at first glance seem simple, surely not the work of a designer. But with a further look you see the inspiration and work he has put into creating these, yes...simple, but edgy clothes that can bring those fashionistas who like something a little different, quirky, orginal items. He's created his own take on some staple items - shift dresses and long jumpers. Every piece has its own twist, whether it's the grey mini dress, slashed across the front in two gaping lines, or the classic LBD, transformed by a cut-out upper left arm.

Slashed Dress, Marios Schwab for Topshop, £55.00

Cut Out Dress, Marios Schwab for Topshop, £55.00

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