Don't you just love those warm summery days which mean you don't have to worry about taking umbrellas / extra layers and so on... Hitting the shorts, tshirts, and spring dresses.
I headed to Dorset with the boyf and his family after a week on camp. The weather was surprisingly good, a couple of days were hot hot hot. We hit a few beaches, including Bournemouth which I now absolutely love (we also went shopping, up in the 'Bournemouth Eye,' which is a sort of hot air balloon thing, had a picnic in the park, listened to live music and went to the beach: perfect), had fish and chips, went to an animal park and gardens, went Zorbing (which is absolutely insane but so much fun! You're put into a giant inflatable ball and pushed down a hill) and went for probably the best curry I've ever had - why does it have to now be so far away?! For anyone who hasn't been and lives in England, Dorset is a must, simply beautiful and in the towns and cities surprisingly full of fashion.

Here's a few photos...

The Bournemouth Eye

A Park for a Picnic (Bournemouth)

The Boyf Playing Crazy Golf :) (Bournemouth)

I'll update this with some other photos I've got soon, but I'm on the wrong computer.


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