Tea? Drinker
Tessa Rose & Kirsty
Bloggers making fascinators & headbands...
Giant teacup! But not filled with tea...
Table decor and Hair demonstration
Beautiful venue and London elephant trail

I'm sorry this is so belated...I have quite a lot of catching up to do!
I promised you all some coverage from the VIP Aussie Party so here it is :)
[for those of you who don't know I'm an 'Aussie Angel']

My sister, whatwasfoundthere.blogspot.com, and I spent the day in London shopping, getting cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery (YUM) and going to the V&A. We then met up with the lovely Kirsty, fashionchampagne.blogspot.com, before heading over to the party venue!
[There was also a lot of spotting the London elephant trail...]

The theme was Mad Hatters Tea Party, held for the 'frizzy' hair group. It was held in the most beautiful venue; Mews of Mayfair. We were in the chef's dining room which had maps covering the walls.
We were welcomed by Emma, the lovely organiser, before meeting some fellow bloggers.

Champagne was served, along with the most delicious canapes. Yum yum yum.
Then there was gin or rum punch to choose from held in giant teacups and served into our smaller ones. The table was covered with jars of flying saucer sweets, feathers, and cupcake stands. The room and theme were magical.

Then onto the fun part! A hair demonstration was given on Tessa Rose, and the end result was really cool; something I might try myself! We all swapped tips whilst this went on.
Then we were brought into a fascinator / headband making course which was a really interesting thing to learn, and it was a lot of fun. I'm still finishing off mine as unfortunately we had to leave a little early...but I'll post photos!

lots of love x


Page said...

great blog!! i reeally like all your posts :)
definitely following you :)

looking forward to more,

Megan. said...

That venue is so pretty! love all the tea cups and stuff!

FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post!! Xx

Platform Princess said...

Wait, you have a sister? Get out! I'm going to check out her blog now. The event looked amazing, great coverage. You are a lucky girl Milly.


p.s sadface that you were in London and we didn't meet.

Becca. said...

sounds like you had a fab time milly!

Thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

OooOh looks like y'all had a lot of fun!! I love that chandelier!

MOLLYKT said...

this sounds so cool milly you lucky thing!
and i'm excited to see you toooo, i'll text you later about it.
and yes, i can do weds aswell :)

Samantha said...

Great post! Love your blog!

Marla Singer said...

awww looks like you had lots of fun. i love the pics <3

Becca. said...

it okay milly i love your blog, that is why its mentioned! yes buy some suspender tights are awesome and go and watch sex and the city 2 it's the best film i've seen all year

Claire said...

just flipped through company and saw your pretty little face! well done! Also, very jealous of this little trip out - looked lovely. xx

Teresa said...

Wow, this get-together looks too cool and tons of fun! Wish we had something like that here in Texas. ;}


Sarah said...

this must have been so much fun!!
i do love a good tea party! xx

danniekate said...

i love press days and getting to meet other bloggers! the make-your-own-fascinators is such a good idea. looks like a fun day! x

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

OMG you're so cute! And this whole thing looks so fun ;)

ANN said...

That looks like so much fun, and the tea cups are so pretty! I love the pictures :)

Becca. said...

ahahaa! yaaay glad i've inspired you milly! i love bodycon skirts and floral tops, i wear and have too many hehe!
hope everythings okay in millyland :)
revision is taking over right now!
sad times!
love you too! xxxxxxxxxxx

marian said...

looks like it was lots of fun! I like the idea of making hats, how fun.
big kiss

Nat Elizabeth said...


FashionJazz said...

Just popping in to say hi and thank you for your lovely comment : ) Have a lovely day xxxx


what a coincidence, i have been swooning/dreaming of tea parties (two tea party posts in one week on my blog) lately :) i couldn't imagine my life without tea (or chai lattes)!

lula said...

Ahhh your blog is wicked cool! bravoooo

kiss kiss bang bang


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun time!
and omg i love that elephant...i want one.

The Style Rawr said...

Wow! This looks like sooo much fun! Aussie products smell SO yummy! <3