Hello lovely, happy, summery people. I have had the best final few days at college.
Last night the girls headed over to our friend Lizzie's for swimming, Chinese and some wino.
It was the perfect ending to many years at my school/college.
Now I'm just left with A Levels...

Thanks to this post it's pretty obvious I've FINALLY got my internet back! :)
So I'll be back to posting. & tomorrow I will get to returning all your comments from the past two posts. Sorry it's taken so long. Thank you also to all you new followers. Some of your blog links don't appear so feel free to leave a comment so I can find you!

Here's a little news you've missed.

1. I'm published here:
and here:
They're from a little while ago!

Also, I'm in this month's Company magazine.
[for those of you who don't know I also managed to secure an internship there for August, I'll keep you updated when I'm there!]

It's the one directly above. Bottom row, in the middle :)
Not the best of photo but it basically says a little about my writing and blogging!

lots of love


kirstyb said...

Milly has the net again! woo hoo! well one on finishing college! FEELS weird? well it did when i finished! xxxx

Pippa said...

Very exciting Milly :)
Proud of you completely.

Platform Princess said...

Ooh congrats lovely. You are amazing! Thanks so much for your lovely comments and yes, we will be partying when you're in London.


Anonymous said...

wow! congrats, well done for getting the internship, hope you have fun!

beeble said...

ahh good luck with your a levels, im doing my gcses right now!
i got your comment, unfortunately i cant do the 27th because im at reading festival til the 29th. What other times are you free? x

beeble said...

im dont really have any dates secured but probably nearer the beggining of august, because i think im going away before reading. im so excited for reading, what did you do about camping stuff?

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Congrats on the published pieces and the feature in the magazine. So great!! :-)

Eva said...

wow, congrats!! Very good!

MOLLYKT said...

i'm so proud of you milly!
you've accomplished so much already :D
i can't waittttttttttt to see you monday gurrrrl.
loving you right back

rebecca said...

Ahhh, lucky you for getting that internship!! Well done for getting published :)


Friend in Fashion said...

A big congratulations!!! :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

P.S.I'd love to catchup when I visit the UK in August :)

Anonymous said...

hey sweetheart,
how are you?i missed you so much!
congrats dear(:i´m so happy for you!

lots of love xxxxx

Marina said...

great blog!

{ I V Y } said...


CC said...

Congratulations! :)