So I got a lovely award from Claire of the red hiney - I love her blog so seriously check it out.

The rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award - done!
2. Name 10 things that make you happy

1. Mike Hooper, 3 years last week
2. Music festivals - Reading last year was amazing.
3. Summer - I'm so desperate for this right now
4. Tea and T-shirts (coming soon) with Molly
5. My writing / blogging
6. Friends & Family
7. Travelling / Road Trips
8. Tumblr Photos - sounds weird but there's so much inspiration (I have my own btw.)
9. Music - 'calm but with a beat' is my favourite
10. TV Series - GG, The OC, The City etc - relax...

3. Pass this award on to 10 other blogs and inform the winners




congrats on the award :)
and thanks so much for your offer but ive actually found somewhere that i can watch it, just have to find time to actually watch it now lol.
thanks for the comment.

Phoebe Rose said...

congrats on the award!

Platform Princess said...

Congrats and thanks for passing it on.

Love you!


Hannah ♥ said...

Awww thanks for choosing me!
I usually avoid awards/tags as I just don't have the time, but this one is such a lovely idea & I've been awarded it by so many blogs now I think I'll have to do it! haha! I'm kinda excited :)



F Blog said...

congrats lady, and thanks for letting me know my photo was on that site, i had no idea!!

MOLLYKT said...

eeee thankyou :)
i love that i'm included haha!
you'll totally be in mine ;)

ahhh i know, i'm still reading it, it's becoming quite the drag, although some parts are interesting it's just such a long read!

Velvet replied- they're not doing work exp anymore appaz, but i'm freelancing for next month which is cool :)

Hope you're good, got my Hills interview todaaaaaaaaaay!

Ruth loves said...

Thanks for the tag! And congrats on the award too :)
I would do it again, but i'd just put the same things aha! Great tags :) Hope your week is going okay xxxxxx

Marla Singer said...

thanks for your lovely comment! lucky me, i work in a local clothing store and my lovely boss let me wearing anything i want =D
congrats on the award, babe <3

marian said...

congrats on the award honey xxx

MOLLYKT said...

ah, i meant i'd got the interview date not had the actual interview ;)
i'm writing for NKTBE NEXT MONTH YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, also in the april Velvet hopefully- YAY :D
i need to see you sooooon, it's been like a whole two weeks?!

Nathalie said...

Congrats on your award. And summer would definitly make me happy, too :)

Terence Sambo said...

Congrats on ur award :o]

SammyKins said...

thank you so much gorgeous!! im so happy that u chose me it made my day!! your blog is looking as amazing as ever! also im doing a blog give away so come enter! love sammy

FashionJazz said...

Congrats on ur award !! Hope ur having a good wk! xx

kirstyb said...

milly milly milly milly hellloooooooooooooooo! thanks for the award! xoxoxoxoxoxo

UnoCosa said...

fantastic!!! congratulation, xx

MOLLYKT said...

AWESOME, that'd be so cool :)
i'm going to type it up this weekend then email it to you so you can tell me what you think (if that's okay of course haha)
i can't do this weekend :(
i've got to go to my cousins for her party and that requires me organising an outfit!
but DEFINATELY easter. we can drink lots and lots of tea and make t-shirts :D

Anonymous said...


* Reena Rai * said...

Congratulations sweety! love your answers, esp tv shows theyre my favourites too

MOLLYKT said...

sounds goooood- haven't talked to you properly in aaaaages! :(
i'll send it over to you as soon as i'm done :D

fadetoblack said...

hey girl!!
how are you??

congrats on the award :)

been mega busy but i am back :)

marian said...

hope you are having a lovely monday.
Stop by when you can to check out my first giveaway
glam kisses,

MOLLYKT said...

i know- very very soon :)
we need to make t-shirts!

apple said...

Beautiful blog!
Love it.

MOLLYKT said...

eeee, i need to text you- i have exciting news :D