Hey lovelies.
I'm feeling quite pleased as Swarovski have contacted me to say they've selected me as one of a select few to air the Swarovski Player that will be showing a number of shows live from Paris Fashion Week. It will be one of about 10 sites in the world that has it :)
It will be starting tonight at 6.30pm as far as I've been told.
And on the 7th: Karrlll and Hussein.

ALSO I got an email saying that Vice magazine thinks my blog is suitable to be included in the Vice blogging network, which is quite a selective thing!
It will comprise of amazing opportunities, network events and more & I'll keep you informed every step of the way.

The email says something funny like 'you can insert this in your blog to prove it':
Part of Vice blogging network
Ta da!

I'm also reading this great book called Fashion Babylon that Molly lent me - all read. It literally gives the best behind-the-scenes gossip.

Just uploading LFW photos to give you a little bit more info. on my trip there.



MOLLYKT said...

you are so lucky milly, honestly :)
you'll have to post all about those shows!
and guess what? i called velvet yaaaay. they want me to submit a freelance article so when i get the email you'll have to check it through for me haha :)
glad you're enjoying the book!

Rose said...

Impeccable timing, as usual :P I just commented on the post below...

However, that is amazing! Did you apply for it or just get selected? Either way, well done! :)

love xxx


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

your so lucky, congrats!

fadetoblack said...

wow Milly thats incredible!!
big congrats to you ;)

kirstyb said...

sounds like lotsa fun xoxoxox

frances said...

fashion babylon is goooood stuff, i love it x

Anonymous said...

hi dear:),
how are you ?have you got facebook?:)
If you want to,i´ll add you:)

MOLLYKT said...

FABULOUS! what weekend is it?
hope you've had a good day, just found out i'm getting my science results back which is scary haha!

FashionJazz said...

This is amazing! Congrats!! xx

Nathalie said...

Wow, congrats on you for all these achievements. This is really great!!

Ruth loves said...

Congrats on the Vice! Oooooh let me know how the book is! xxxxxx

SammyKins said...

aaaa sooo cool! lucky lady!
hope your ok gorgeous! lots of love sammy

Marla Singer said...

congrats, girl! that is SUPER cool! i love vice <3

Pippa Artus said...

Im so impressed!!
Looking lovely in the post below also :) xxx

apparellel said...

that is so awesome! congrats!!


Claire said...

i've left you an award on my blog (:

Platform Princess said...

Congrats dollface!

Vice is pretty hawt stuff.

Have a great weekend and Happy Anniversary.



love love love it !!
i have that book, read it over and over, it's fantastic, you'll love it !

Hannah ♥ said...

ohmigoshhh, so many exciting things happening for you right now! I'm very jealous missy!



Caz said...

Hi, I tagged you on my blog :) xx

kirstyb said...

Hiya Hun if ends in thursday! So you have plenty of time. Lots of love xxxx

Trop Rouge said...

Oh lucky girl!
Can't wait to see all the cool new post you shall put up.