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Now there's a pop-up. I just love party season, here's one of many I have to update you on...

Kindly invited down by Suitcase magazine I swung by the winterSuitcase x Modern Society pop-up for their Christmas drinks on Monday, with the lovely Ally in tow. An amalgamation of Suitcase magazine style, Taylor Morris eyewear and their big ideas, and Modern Society's influential and exciting pop-up expertise I knew it would likely be love at first sight (apologies bank balance...)

We were ushered in through the pop-up store which showcased many a coveted gift (more on those later) to join a gin tasting with the lovely guy from team Martin Miller Gin. Of course if you're going to talk about gin you need one in hand, so that was quickly provided. Nestled into the bank room we were tested on our gin knowledge, listened intently to a rapid fire gin history, and encouraged to try many a MMG concoction in the basement of the pop-up (at Martin Miller Gin's Pop-up bar). We learned some fun facts and found that yes, lime in a gin does taste good...but really? you can throw anything in as garnish! Go on, I dare you.

We sipped on ours from the bar downstairs, handily provided by a very gentlemanly waiter. There was cranberry and lime, grapefruit, and blueberry and ginger to name but a few. Personally I liked the sound of gin and cloudy apple juice, so I'll be trying that this holiday season for sure...!

Photo of us & Ally's delicious drink c/o Ally 

Tummies rumbling from a full day of working and/or running around London the delicious boxes on offer were a welcome sight, and smell, for everyone. Cooked up in front of eager party attendees we dined on hot and fresh gyoza, rice noodles, chicken, peanuts, chillis... you get the drift. (I'm actually totally intrigued as to the suppliers of the food because it was that good. Know the answer? Please share your wisdom with me!)

And then of course there was the store itself. Everyone chatted away while admiring, coveting, buying all manner of Christmas goodies. Of course, Suitcase has style so it came as no surprise that we wanted all of it! I tried on some Taylor Morris sunglasses (their new collection is out!) which fit like a dream and will likely be purchased ahead of my trip to Australia... super soft tees, little cards that had us giggling, beautiful jewellery, atmospheric candles, artwork, slogan notebooks... you get the idea. And to be honest, I just loved the store itself with its abundance of wood, cool lighting, and shelves hung up by rope.

Head down to 172 Fulham Road (SW10 9PR) until December 24th to enjoy the pop-up for yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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