Day Two in Amsterdam

Our second day meant breakfast by the river as we made our way bright and early to the famous Rijksmuseum. We'd spent time debating which of the many museums on offer we'd make it too, and this one is not to be missed if you visit Amsterdam. It contains far too much do in one day, the range is just astounding and we enjoyed locating works by some of our favourite, or well-known, artists as well as stumbling across others we fell in love with but had previously never heard of. I decided not to share many of the photographs I took of the artwork - it's just so much better in person, so you'll just have to visit yourselves! 

Van Gogh - Self Portrait

Personal favourite and I can't even quite place why. Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriel's "In The Month of July"

After much of the day was spent indoors we enjoyed slowly exploring more of Nine Streets, mentioned in my last post. It is filled with fantastic independent design - whether it be interior, clothing, jewellery, or something else - and has lots of inviting cafes and bars. We eventually succumbed to our tired feet and thirst, quickly locating a cafe/bar which I think can be said to be one of my favourite from our time in the city. 

You can find Van Harte at 24 Hartenstraat and here: 

What cafes, museums & bars do you guys recommend in Amsterdam? x

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