Today and Tie Dye

First day interning at New Look today in the PR team. While it was fun in-store I'm looking forward to the more intense roles within Head Office. First day saw us picking out our favourite item(s) - we couldn't stick to one ! I chose a black chiffon dress with leather detail (you should know what I'm like about leather) for night, and a tie dye tunic for day. 

"“Our intern Millie picks her favourite bits in store now @mlle_milly”"

I've got a lot of photography, meetings (PRs, bloggers & the like) and more to update you on soon. Follow me on twitter at @mlle_milly for updates inbetween!

How're you all spending your summers?  Let me know if you're in London.
I can't believe I move to San Francisco (for a year) in about six weeks...! 


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Pippa said...

Awww glad you're having fun! X x x