Company Style Bloggers

So last week I went to the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards.
I went as a nominee and also took my sister along. She lives in London and has a rather fab job and we don't see much of each other, so it was nice to catch up!

The night consisted of New Look previews, delicious (I mean seriously drinkable too, help!) cocktails made with Pink Pigeon rum, make up from Jemma Kidd, yum canapes and of course a lot of bloggers to socialise with. It was nice to chat to some of the Company team too since interning there a few years back (it's scary that it was so long ago now...).

Style Bloggers!

Pink Pigeon rum is vanilla based and one of a current favourite! Highly recommed you try it.

Pink Pigeon's Mauritian Mule cocktail - Pink Pigeon rum, ginger beer, lime & sugar...I can't explain how good it is.


Prawns with thai curry dip

New Look Preview

Rosie of!

Blogger Drinks & the Bar

What Tess wore

What I wore - the dress was kindly sent to me by Selina at Motel Rocks and this image doesn't do it justice with my jacket more images to come!

It was a fun evening, closely followed the day after by Norwich Fashion Week...coverage coming up! x


Page Song said...

so cute!!!

Kirsty said...

I'm so jealous, i'd love to go to an event like this, how do they decide who gets invited?

Love you blog x

ttFNx said...

Oooh this looks like a great night! x