Christmas Dust

Fash Editor & I
Georgios & I

These photos were taken at Mediaball - where the radio, newspaper and tv societies get together. As Deputy Fashion Editor I went along, as did my group of closest friends.
This last photo is with one my closest friends Georgios - he's off to Finland for a semester come January and I'll miss him a stupid amount.

After fighting to find the ultimate Christmas party dress...and panicking in an epic failure...I got the best surprise (and rescue!) when the lovely people at Motel Rocks sent me this dress! As one of my favourite party dress brands I was so pleased. On arrival the dress fitted perfectly, I got so many compliments, and having worried about how it would look I couldn't have felt more confident in it. Highly recommended!

The dress is the "Gabby Sequin Dress,"comes in charcoal, black or gold and is £58. I usually stick to my black outfits, but the sequins gave it that little bit of Christmas spirit.

Use the discount "SEQUIN15" until Dec 11th.

ps. since posting the dress is now on sale for £29!



Josie said...

Oh wow this is the perfect party dress! If I wasn't so darn poor right now I would so take advantage of that discount code xx

VT said...

Merry Christmas !

Nice blog, love the post. You are really pretty, Im going to start reading your old posts :)

check out mine?

Analisa said...

This dress is so pretty! Merry late Christmas! :)

LaurenSchoon said...

Adorable photos!

Simone said...

Great dresses :)

Kb said...

Lovely dress, am gutted the festive season is almost over! Happy New Year!