So London Fashion Week once again kicks off tomorrow...
As someone who prefers the September season, and has a lot of things on my plate atm, I didn't apply to nearly so many this year. So I was pleasingly surprised by the influx of invites & tickets I've received, including to a number of parties and special private events! I've had phone calls and emails and I'm rather excited to share it all with you once again.

Seeing as you can check within about 2 minutes for images and trend reviews, I'll be bringing you the 'extra' bits of London Fashion Week.

Here's some of my favourite shows/bits from last season - all photos are my own.
I'll post again tomorrow with schedules of each day, outfit posts, behind-the-scenes and so much more.

My favourite model Daisy Lowe at BodyAmr. Kanye West's girlfriend also modelled in the show.
Matthew Williamson - absolute favourite show of the season, and snapped Olivia Palmero on the front row!

Louise Gray
Interviewing Georgia Hardinge backstage



Is This Real Life? said...

LOVE these pictures!
Daisy looks amaze!
Ah so jealous your going to fashion week...I'm sure it will be so amazing, can not wait to see all your pic's!


Oooo hope you have fun!!
Claudia xxx