As blogging is all about personal style, I love sharing new brands I've stumbled across that really hold their own amongst the typical high street fashions. Those that have their own individual aesthetic and often represent something more than just clothes.

My current new favourite is a brand titled "SGC NYC," so I got in touch with them. Their inspiration and pieces are said to stem from influences of fashion, art and music - which sounded just my sort of thing. On asking what they then felt their clothes stood for, the answer was simply "youthfulness, individuality and New York".

I loved the new season photoshoot they set up [see below], and the collection is exactly what I love to wear - simple, loose pieces to layer with a little bit of flair. I also love the fact you can see the design process from these sketches!





If you want to check out the clothes for yourself:
And ensure you watch their campaign video:

What new brands have you guys stumbled across?


Kate said...

The dress at the bottom is lovely, I might have to go and have a nose at the collection!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

Reg said...

oh wow! this brand looks amazing!!! :)


Hayley said...

I love how you can see where the pieces in the sketches ended up, gorgeous!

Vicki said...

fab post, love these effortless pieces. brands i love are Orla keily and French and English confectioners. :) xo

Anonymous said...

I love that they've got the sketches there, as well! I keep trying to pick a fave outfit, but they all look so comfy I can't decide! Cute stuff, you know instead of doing chores, that I'm definitely going to end up sitting around staring at their clothes for the next couple of hours now, haha. Lovelove xx.

Jay said...

Looks like they have some great items! :)

Gabriele said...

Really nice clothes!

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aindrea said...

ahh milly my love <3
i adore this collection!

aindrea from RAGS

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

OHH !! This brand collection is very nice ;)

I very like the dress at the bottom :DD


Sammi said...

The fit is just perfect on that tank.

Bee said...

Lovely dress .


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

These are some cute clothes, and I really love the sketches...what a beautiful medium to present their designs!

Have a wonderful weekend lovely!

emilycharlotte_ said...

ahhh the clothes look so effortless and comfy! am gonna check the site out now xx

Anonymous said...

Love the black tank top!

shannanj said...

these photographs are grate