Some interning outfits...

My hair colour changed mid-way through! Bit strange to compare.

Left: Striped top - sisters, Denim shorts - DIY, Leggings - H&M, Brogues - Barratts
Right: In the fashion cupboard! Dress - kind gift from Funk Rock, Cardigan - Primark

My next post will have behind-the-scenes shots of the celebrity photoshoot I went on. I can say now that it was an absolutely amazing experience... depending on number of readers of each post I'm going to start updating every other day I hope.
Lots of lovely event coverage, interviews & of course London Fashion Week to come!

Lots of love x


RedHead said...

I am super jealous of you! I found your blog via Glitterbird and would LOVE to intern at Company - their fashion spreads rock!
I wanted to ask - how did you get into freelancing? I'm tempted to try it.
x Redhead

SusuanaLove said...

your intership sounds so exciting. Denim shorts DIY are the way to go. and i like the blonde :)


MOLLYKT said...

and i'm so glad you're having fun, but all this fashion business means less time to see me which is not so great :(
i'm freeeeee pretty much every sunday until fashion week, i start college friday so i'm pretty packed but would be lovely to see you before hand.
if not, we must go eat together at lfw, i'm only going on sunday now as i'm so poor it's insane...

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice outfits! Love your new hair colour!

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love your new hair colour! That dress is great, can't wait to see more internship posts!

danniekate said...

yaaay funkrock :) i emailed you my pin!

Ruth said...

I cant wait to see your next post! It will be so good! You look lovely as a blonde! It really suits your skintone :) And i've DIY'ed a lot of my old jeans recenetly too! xxxxx


Milly, super thanks for the sweet comment you left me earlier... I'm so glad my blog is an inspiration and that was probably the nicest comment I've gotten in a while (which i just mentioned in my latest post) so again, thanks for making me feel goooood ;)

Jaymie said...

this sounds so fun and exciting.
I would love to find out more about it all :)

Anonymous said...

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