So last night I went to a club night I was repping for.
It was of course lovely to catch up with people.
The music was the best I've heard in Cambridge and the venues my favourite too.
Freebies of haribo, chocolate eggs, glow sticks and UV paint...
I dragged my Levi's tshirt from the post below out again to do the 'day to night' look although technically I hadn't really been wearing it during the day...I'd be trying a load of different looks.
Anyway, I teamed it with my DIY denim cut offs, over the knee socks and 5 inch heels, yum.
Plus some braids and of course the bright blue nails!
Excuse my face in the last photo ;)

A truly fashion-related post tomorrow, I promise.


kirstyb said...

i love UV paint. ever since i watched miss congeniality! i want to go to a club like that! looving the knee highs! im gonna wear some today with a bright pink skirt. oooh la la xxxxx

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur pics!!! Hope u have a lovely easter! xxx

Nathalie said...

I love your outfit. And the UV pictures are too gorgeous
Wish you a great weekend

Julie said...

I want your tshirt! And your knee highs are looovely.

marian said...

Sometimes nothing beats a bit of UV paint fun :)
Hope you had a good wknd